My Experience with VA Claims Insider: Scam or Legit?

6 min readMar 7, 2021


In this post, I share my personal experience with VA Claims Insider as a Disabled Veteran and former client.

I’ve seen some negative reviews of VA Claims Insider and Brian Reese on Reddit, YouTube, and BBB, and I think as a fellow veteran myself, and a former client, YOU DESERVE THE TRUTH before you sign up with them…

This is your REAL and HONEST review of Brian Reese and VA Claims Insider.

First things first, “Is VA Claims Insider a Scam?” Definitely not.

In fact, VA Insider is the precise opposite of a scam because you don’t owe them a penny unless you win your claim and get a higher rating as a result of their services.

What company do you know gives you access to its proprietary resources BEFORE charging you?

I don’t know of anyone except VA Claims Insider.

Also, if you read the “Disclaimer” at the bottom of their website, they clearly say they are NOT accredited by the VA and will not prepare and file your VA claim for you — they can’t and won’t.

Veterans, we all know filing a VA claim is easy — VA Claims Insider has a video that teaches you how to do it in about 10 minutes.

Filing a winning VA claim, with all the right evidence, well, that’s an art, and that’s where VA Claims Insider can help.

That’s why I joined.

I needed some Nexus Letters for my disabilities.

If you sick of fighting the VA alone and want to get your VA benefits without the pain and frustration of multiple denials, join them, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Brian Reese has figured out a system with his team to help us Veterans get the VA disability benefits we deserve without the hassle (even if you’ve been denied before) and turned it into what he calls the “SEM Method.”

On their website the SEM Method is:

Strategy + Education + Medical Evidence = VA Rating You Deserve

So, what does VA Claims Insider do if you must prepare and file your own VA claim?

VA Claims Insider is an Education company with two (2) different membership programs, Mastery and Elite, and each has its own PROS and CONS.


PROS: Easy to access and implement the strategies Brian teaches you. If you want to do things all on your own, with no additional Coaching or C&P Exam Prep, you should consider the VA Claims Insider Mastery program — it’s a self-paced online course for $997. The Mastery course is INCREDIBLE. The Bonus modules alone are worth the price of the program. I learned a ton about the VA disability process and the importance of Strategy, High Value Claims, How to File a Claim Online for free, the importance of going to the doctor, how to get medical evidence from the VA, as well as reduced rates for Nexus Letters from Independent Medical Providers in their network. You also get access to their Mastermind Group on Facebook, which has thousands of Disabled Veterans and VA disability coaches available to help you and answer questions.

VA Claims Insider Mastery Review: March 10, 2021

CONS: On-Demand only with Mastermind support. Overall lack of support and accountability. I found myself wondering at times what I was supposed to do next. If you aren’t computer savvy or need more hands-on support, do NOT join this program. You’re better off joining the Elite Program.


After finishing Mastery, I also joined the VA Claims Insider Elite program because I wanted to get a Veteran Coach (VC) assigned to me to help lead me through all the resources in the Elite Experience Portal Plus to include C&P exam prep and coaching.

Elite Experience Portal Plus (EEP+) Members Area Snapshot

The Elite program follows an 8-step process that took me about 30 days from beginning to end.

PROS: LIVE and On-Demand resources. You can attend 3–5 live classes PER DAY. The access you get as an Elite member is unparalleled. You get a Veteran Coach who can help you navigate the confusing VA claim process. Access to the Elite Experience Portal Plus, which is loaded with incredible training videos and templates such as: Statement in Support of a Claim examples, Buddy Letters examples and templates, Sworn Declarations, HLR and Supplemental Claim templates, how to fight a bad Compensation and Pension exam. I used the network of independent doctors to get a Nexus Letter — and it helped me service connect my Migraines secondary to Tinnitus. I also got my Depression service connected after 10 years of denials. I attended a daily session live with VA Claims Insider Coaches called “Coffee with the Coaches” — AMAZING! These men and women, many of whom are also disabled Veterans care a TON about you. It goes way beyond your VA claim. They check in on you. They want to make sure you’re okay. The VA Claims Insider Elite program membership fee is 6x your monthly increase, payable one time after you get an increase in your VA benefits. If you don’t increase your VA rating, you owe nothing. Now that’s a deal.

8-Step VA Claims Insider Elite Process and Resources in EEP+

CONS: There were a couple times I had a hard time getting a hold of my Coach, but I found out later he had some medical problems. I was able to get my questions answered in the Mastermind Group though and it wasn’t an issue. You do need to take control of your VA Claim and do the work. You get out of it what you put into it. If you just want to sit around and be lazy and not care about your VA disability benefits, do NOT join this program. Here’s what I learned though: If you put in the hard work, you will get the result.

CONCLUSION: Is VA Claims Insider Worth It?

Absolutely it was worth it for me.

Using the knowledge I learned and getting the additional medical evidence I needed, I increased my VA rating to 100% P&T in roughly 90 days.

On top of that, I had over $163,000 of federal student loan debt wiped clean in less than a month due to the new Disabled Veteran Student Loan Forgiveness Program.

VA Claims Insider is a legit company, BBB Accredited, and their team cares deeply about Veterans and their families.

Brian Reese is active in the Mastermind Group on Facebook and even pops into the Coaching & Education classes to say hello and drop value bombs.

What CEO do you know who cares so much that he’ll spend real time with clients of the business?

Disclaimer: I am now an employee of VA Claims Insider. However, this review was written from my experience as a former client, and in no way was influenced by my employment.